NZ teacher lies to colleague, cons her into spanking session

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A teacher's registration has been cancelled after he conned a colleague into a spanking session under the false guise that it was part of a study.

The primary school teacher committed forgery by creating fake documents from a university that described a study about corporal punishment.

He then approached a colleague and said they were required to swat each other on the bottom with a paddle, and told her sign a confidentiality agreement.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has suppressed the name of the school and teacher.

The teacher had been assisting the victim with her training for about three months at the time of the incident in June 2016.

She became "extremely uncomfortable" and approached the school principal about the incident, who confronted the teacher and reported the incident to police.

During a school disciplinary process the teacher claimed he had a sex addiction and fantasised about corporal punishment, describing it as a way to relieve stress and anxiety.

The teacher pleaded guilty to forgery and was sentenced at a district court to pay emotional harm reparation of $2500 to the victim.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal, in a decision published this week, ruled that his behaviour amounted to serious misconduct.

"Practitioners have an obligation to both teach and model positive values for their students. This type of behaviour is the antithesis of the standard of honesty expected of teachers.

It found that his behaviour "brings the teaching profession into disrepute" and "reflected adversely on his fitness to teach".