Seconds from disaster: Terrifying near-miss on Napier-Taupo road caught on camera

A motorist has captured the terrifying moment an overtaking car nearly causes a head-on crash on the Napier-Taupō road.

The footage, captured on Friday, shows a Holden crossing the yellow line into the path of oncoming traffic, forcing other cars to swerve out of the way.

The footage was uploaded to Reddit on Saturday, where people were astounded by the driver's actions.

"That is worth reporting, holy shit that was dangerous," one person commented.

"Jesus f**king christ... that was close. I drive a lot and see stuff like this all the time and it's not getting better. It's stupid and dangerous and they're lucky they weren't killed or killed someone else," another said.

Bad drivers can be reported to police by calling *555. 

Police said they have been made aware of the video and will follow up as appropriate.