Social Snapshot: Sir Bob Jones and Big Gay In

Last week Sir Bob Jones wrote a column in the National Business Review titled 'Time For A Troll'.

In the article, Sir Bob said a new public holiday 'Māori Gratitude Day' should replace Waitangi Day.

"I have in mind a public holiday where Maoris bring us breakfast in bed or weed our gardens, wash & polish our cars & so on, out of gratitude for existing," wrote Sir Bob. 

NBR has since removed the article, despite Sir Bob maintaining he wrote it in gest and his words were satire.

However that hasn't stopped tens of thousands of people signing a petition calling for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to strip Sir Bob of his knighthood.

Meanwhile for the first time in his history, the Big Gay Out was cancelled, breaking the hearts of festival goers and organisers alike. 

Social Media Presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin wraps up the biggest trends of the day. 

Watch the video.