Spark praised for replies to pride ad haters

  • 03/02/2018

Spark has been praised for its honest replies to Facebook users who criticised the company's ad which showed two men raising a baby.

The video advertisement shows two men cuddling and raising the child, and includes a small promotion for LGBT counselling service OUTline towards the end.

One customer responded to the ad on Facebook saying Spark would no longer have her business - but the provider hit back.

"Spark, you just lost another customer. Goodbye," the woman wrote.

"Bye!" Spark replied.

Spark praised for replies to pride ad haters
Photo credit: Facebook

Other customers who criticised the ad received similar replies, in which Spark acknowledged their opinions but said they would not back down from their own position.

"This is nothing to do with Spark," one commenter said.

"This is a social justice campaign - are Spark a social services agency now?"

"We tried really hard to ensure this clip didn't come off like an ad for Spark," the company replied.

"We genuinely wanted to take a back seat to the partnership and highlight the work that the LGBTQI+ community has done in moving our society forward.

"Sounds like we might have achieved that, so I think we'll chalk this one up as a win for cute babies everywhere."

A large majority of the other responses were in praise of Spark, aside from a few people asking for help with their mobile coverage or broadband.

Most of Spark's responses were written by a lone spokesperson, known only as Frith.

Many people praised Frith for their work moderating the post.