Surf's up! Cyclone Gita brings swells to New Zealand

Cyclone Gita continues to approach New Zealand - and weather experts warn we could start to feel its effects as soon as today.

The Category 5 cyclone is now just 1800km north of Auckland, and Weather Watch says it will start to bring the surf on Wednesday.

"The storm is also expected to start bringing in north east swells to the upper North Island," their forecasting team say.

"By this weekend northerly swells of 1.5 to 2 metres may be impacting the Far North and northern Northland. This could increase to 3 metres from the north to northwest by the end of Sunday in places like 90 Mile Beach."

It's good news for surfers, with a solid week of good waves for New Zealand's west coast. Gita is also expected to grow in strength on Wednesday and Thursday as it passes over warm water.

The storm is also expected to get closer to New Zealand.

"We have fairly high confidence that Gita will help influence our weather pattern, for example the nor'east flow and humidity coming in by Sunday or Monday for northern New Zealand," Weather Watch says.

"At this stage says dangerous marine conditions will be developing in northern New Zealand (check the swells maps) mainly from later this weekend.

"Rain may also start developing early next week with a chance of stormy conditions early next week. We have to say this is not yet locked in - but our confidence continues to slowly increase."