The Project audience member surprises his wife by serenading her

A man has surprised his wife with a Valentine's Day serenade live on air.

Peter Bangs took to the stage at Wednesday's taping of The Project to sing Billy Joel's 'She's Got a Way' to his wife Sally, who was in the audience and had no idea about her husband's romantic performance plans.

In a pre-recorded video, Peter said he wanted to do something special for his wife, who had been "extremely unwell" for some time.

"She had an 80-90 percent chance of passing away, so it was a pretty traumatic time for us."

The couple have been married for 35 years. Peter sang the same song to Sally on their 20th wedding anniversary, so it means a lot to both of them.

"I thought, what can I do for her? Well, I love singing to her."

He wanted to make sure Sally had a memorable Valentine's Day.

"She's everything to me. She's always there for the family, she's an amazing grandmother."

Watch the full video on The Project above.