The secret to keeping flies out of your house

With warm weather comes flies - swarms of them.

Particularly afflicted this summer is Taranaki, where bug spray has been flying off the shelves thanks to higher-than-usual numbers of the winged menaces. 

A damp spring and hot summer were the perfect conditions for fly breeding - so what can you do to get rid of them?

New Zealand's top "bug man", Ruud Kleinpaste, told The Project many people use too much fly spray, which can make flies resistant to it.

He says the secret to keeping flies out of your home is to open the windows on the windy side of the house. 

He also says canisters of fly spray on 30-minute timers are pretty much useless. What's much more effective are fly strips covered in a fly-attracting pheromone that can be hung from the ceiling.