The things New Zealanders hate most about ourselves

The worst things Kiwis hate about New Zealand have been revealed in a scathing online thread.

The brutal comments, shared on Reddit, eviscerate our country and those who live in it over our climate, culture and driving.

Here's a list of the best.

Our terrible driving

Our attitudes towards others on the roads were called out, with one person saying they "feel like prey being hunted down on NZ roads".

"The aggression and lack decency on the roads. You go elsewhere in the world and its one of the things that stands out," one person commented.

"People in New Zealand don't pass to get places faster. They pass to be at the front. It isn't about being there quickly. It's about being there before other people," another agreed.

Our climate and environment

Whether it was the humidity or "waterways turning to sewers", New Zealand's as 'Clean and Green' came under attack.

Some were eloquent with their answers.

"Those f**king New Zealand Black Flies, fleas and bed bugs," an angry Kiwi snarled.

"Even the pests are thriving."

Distance from the world

"Flights to most places are unusually expensive because of the distance. For a weekend trip you only have three choices: NZ, Australia, and Miscellaneous," was one reply.

"Shipping costs from overseas" and "access to overseas live acts" was another complaint.


"The constant resistant to change, then a few years after change finally happens, wondering what all the fuss was about. Repeat," one person mused.

"Everything is such an uphill battle and the people who cause the most amount of fuss, cost, delays and hurt just shrug their shoulders and then f**king do it again with something else."


The "price of houses relative to income" reflects the difficulty of buying in New Zealand.

But even managing to buy a house doesn't manage to please some Kiwis. The "lack of insulation/double glazing in cold climates" was another complaint.


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