Tip Top's overseas manufacturing not so sweet for customers

Ice cream maker Tip Top has caused a stir with customers by sourcing its latest hit from overseas.

Fonterra have been producing the popular 'Duo' ice cream sandwich as well as the 'Watermelon Wedgie' not in our backyard, but in Spain. 

The front of the 'Duo' packaging says 'brought to you by Tip Top', but on the back are the surprise words 'Made in Spain'. 

"It definitely puts me off because I like to buy New Zealand owned and made," one disgruntled ice cream fan told Newshub. 

Another said it's a "bit weird", but "if it still tastes good everyone's going to eat it".

Tip Top is an iconic Kiwi brand, and markets itself as such.

In a statement, Tip Top owner Fonterra says it keeps an eye on popular products overseas that it thinks Kiwis might like, and has partnered with the Spanish manufacturer to trial these products. 

It says if they prove a success, it'll consider buying the equipment to make them here.

So will it stop people buying them? 

"Depends how good it tastes," was one answer. 

"If I had to sit down and think about it then I'm probably not going to buy it," said another. 

"But if I was hungry and I wanted that, then I would."

Perhaps this is proof that for some, taste is all that matters when it comes to ice cream.