Unlikely NZ will ever host Winter Olympics - Grant Robertson

Kiwi teen Nico Porteous competing at the Winter Olympics.
Kiwi teen Nico Porteous competing at the Winter Olympics. Photo credit: Getty

The Minister for Sport and Recreation believes it's unlikely New Zealand will ever host a Winter Olympics.

That's despite 16-year-olds Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous each clinching bronze on Thursday - breaking our 26-year medal drought.

Grant Robertson is in Pyeongchang, and told Newshub the Games would be a mammoth undertaking.

"It's a huge event, and while I'd love to think that New Zealand would be able to host it, I think we've got to be realistic about whether or not we can do that.

"But there's enormous other opportunities - we have the Winter Games down in the Queenstown-Wanaka area each year."

Mr Robertson says he's beaming from ear-to-ear after the success of the two teens.

"I just hope this really inspires young New Zealanders to then be thinking, I could do what Zoi and Nico have done today."

He says the opportunity is there.

"We've got a really good programme backing snow sports in New Zealand."