Wealthy investors meet for exclusive million-dollar lunch

If you ever wondered how the other 1 percent live, here is a little glimpse.

Twenty-eight wealthy individuals got together on Friday to talk about investing in the America's Cup.

Nestled in behind Rangitoto, on the island of Rakino, is the Hurakia Lodge. It's a nice spot for lunch - if you have a helicopter, which was the only way to attend this networking event for high net-worth individuals.

But apart from a high-profile politician and Newshub reporter Simon Shepherd, we can't tell you who was there. 

James Burkitt of The Table says anyone who has $50 million or more can attend. 

"North of $50 million, we don't have a hard floor of what someone has to be worth," he says. "They have to be right person."

The Table is a global group for investors to mingle and do deals. This guest list was private, but we did spot a couple of property developers.

Mr Burkitt says it was made up mostly of Kiwis and a few others from Sydney.

Former Prime Minister Bill English was the pre-lunch speaker.

Hurakia Lodge was built in 2002 in time for the America's Cup defence of 2003.

Since then, it has featured on shows like America's Next Top Model, but with the renewed America's Cup fervour, owner John MacCullouch senses new opportunities.

It currently costs about $1500 a night, including the chopper ride.

But price probably isn't a problem, if you have a seat at The Table.