Weather: More rain set to soak New Zealand

It's been a wet weekend for most places and there's still a bit more rain to come.

Most of the warm moist air will shift off on Sunday night, leaving a rainy front lingering around central areas.

In the north there is a trough slowly tracking east as a sunny high pressure system begins to build.

Meanwhile in the south, another frontal system will push over the island in the afternoon and evening.

Western areas of the South Island will get some rain on Sunday night, with scattered showers for most other places.

It should be mainly fine in the east on Monday, with just some morning low cloud or fog, while later in the afternoon that front will hit the island and bring more rain to parts of the south and west.

In the North Island, it's going to be a wet and muggy night for most areas.

On Monday there will be some heavy and thundery falls for Coromandel, across the Bay of Plenty and down into central areas, while humid north-easterlies will also blow across the island.

However the very top of the country will actually escape the wet weather on Monday.

From Whangarei south periods of rain are expected, which could turn heavy and thundery in Whitianga.

Taupo will get the odd shower in the morning while all other places will get rain for most of the day, with Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane set to get some heavy and thundery falls.

Out east a rainy front will be sitting right over top of Hastings and Napier, while early rain will clear Masterton and Dannevirke.

All places will get winds from the north and they're going to keep temperatures very warm.

The weather's only going to improve for the rest of the North Island. Rain will ease in the morning, leaving just a few showers behind, and there will be long fine spells for Wanganui and Palmerston North.

At the top of the South Island, showers in Nelson will clear by around midday and Westport will also get a fine afternoon, with the odd spot of rain for all other places.

Out east, those south of Christchurch will get some low cloud in the morning while the afternoon will be lovely and bright. Winds from the north will make things nice and warm.

The far south will again see some low cloud along the east coast, but it should clear quickly. Invercargill and Queenstown may get an afternoon shower or two.

Main centres

Areas of low cloud or fog around Dunedin will burn off to a mainly fine day, while cloud will develop again in the evening.

There's a similar outlook for Canterbury - morning low cloud will clear to a beautiful Monday, with long fine spells.

Rain in Wellington will ease to a few showers early in the morning and it should be fine by the evening, however the northerly winds could become quite strong.

Tauranga's in for a grey-looking day, with heavy falls and thunderstorms right up until the evening.

Hamilton will also get a good dose of rain on Monday and could see heavy falls with warm northerly winds.

In Auckland it's going to be mainly cloudy with periods of rain out east. That rain will gradually shift across towards western areas in the evening.