Aggravated robbery leaves Hamilton East shopkeeper with fractured skull

CARTERTON, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 07:  Police stand guard at the cordon near the accident site on January 7, 2012 in Carterton, New Zealand. Emergency services attended a hot air balloon crash that has killed 11 people in the early hours of Saturday near the Wairarapa plains town of Carterton. The balloon burst into flames and crashed killing all aboard.  (Photo by Marty Melville/Getty Images)
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An aggravated dairy robbery in Hamilton has left a shopkeeper with a fractured skull.

At around 8.30am this morning two men entered Hamilton East's Emm Jay Dairy armed with an axe and machete. 

The lone worker was struck on the head and hands while counting out money. 

The nephew of the victim Purak Patel told Stuff a fight broke out and resulted in a lot of blood. 

However despite losing a chunk of his arm, Mr Patel said his uncle was going to be fine and is recovering in Waikato Hospital. 

The offenders fled the scene in a stolen Mazda Familia, taking with them an entire till draw and some cigarettes.

Mr Patel's family has spent the afternoon cleaning up the mess left by the attack, he told Stuff. 

Waikato police are seeking any information anyone might have on the offenders and are encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Scott Neilson on 07 858 6200.