Amanda Gillies' heartwarming birthday message to Duncan Garner

Amanda Gillies left The AM Show host Duncan Garner near-speechless on Thursday morning with her heartwarming birthday message.

"Happy birthday Duncan, our dear workmate, our dear friend," she said after a cream cheese carrot cake was brought out for the host.

"You've had a tough year this year so far Duncan, but you've been all class right throughout it.

"I'm really proud to be your friend and I hope you have a really special day today.

"People always ask me, 'what is Duncan really like?'

"And Duncan, you can seem rough and gruff sometimes, but you're a big teddy bear and you are so loyal.

"You're so loving. You always have our backs. You always ring for a little chat to see how we are.

"I've loved getting to know you over the past 20 years. You're an amazing workmate and I just want to say thank you."

Sports presenter Nicky Styris then joked that Garner was "speechless for the first time", as he looked down at his desk, seemingly lost for words.

"You've got me," he said after a pause, and told his workmates what he plans to do with his day.

"My daughter, my 16-year-old, is taking me out for dinner tonight.

"So I'm so proud of her, she has got her first job - she got two of them, two jobs - and she's got her driver's licence. She's not driving me - but she's taking me out tonight for dinner. And she wants to pay for it herself.

"So my message to you, darling, is I'm starving and I'm not going to eat all day."