Another boat with stink bugs turned away

Brown marmorated stink bug
Brown marmorated stink bug. Photo credit: Hectonichus/Wikipedia

A fourth Japanese ship has been turned away from New Zealand for having stink bugs on board.

Six-hundred of the bugs were found on a ship anchored near Auckland.

The Ministry for Primary Industries says the risk was too high for the ship to remain in New Zealand waters, and had to be treated offshore before being allowed back.

The stink bug has the potential to devastate New Zealand's exports at the tune of $4 billion.

Two different types of stink bug - brown marmorated and yellow-spotted - have been found on ships in the past month. 

Brown marmorated stink bugs have the potential to devastate the country's agriculture, as they feed on apples, raspberries, sweet corn, green beans and tomatoes, among other foods.

MPI says anyone who sees one should report it on 0800 80 99 66.