Another tropical cyclone brewing, could track towards New Zealand

Another tropical cyclone brewing, could track towards New Zealand
Photo credit: Supplied \ WeatherWatch

It's blue skies for now - but another tropical cyclone could be looming for New Zealand.

Autumn kicked off at the beginning of the month following a summer of storms as Fehi and then Gita barrelled down the country, causing extensive damage to roads and properties.

Now another tropical depression is forming near Fiji, WeatherWatch says, which could become a cyclone later in the week.

It then could track down into New Zealand's region, potentially making landfall over the weekend.

However, it is not yet clear how big the potential storm could get or how close it could get to the country, head forecaster Philip Duncan says.

"With this next storm, which would be called Hola if it does become a cyclone, the modelling isn't so sure about how big it will get or whether it will directly impact New Zealand.

"At the moment there's more uncertainty with this possible storm".

Weather Watch says the risk is showing up in official Government outlooks, but says it will be a few days before it can say for sure.

But for this week, at least, the forecast looks pretty good - with occasional showers for Greymouth, Queenstown and Invercargill and temperatures in the early 20s.

Up north, Auckland and Tauranga could reach highs of 28degC.