Auckland dairy owners fight back against 'bandits'

  • 18/03/2018

Dairy owners in Westmere have shared video footage of a pair of "bandits" robbing their Garnet Rd store.

The thieves can be seen storming the counter, attacking the owners and stealing cigarettes.

The shopkeepers don't back down without a fight, and do their best to coerce the men out of the store.

One of the thieves briefly pulls out a meat cleaver before putting it back in his bag.

The bandits eventually run off, with the shopkeepers chasing after them.

The owners of Garnet Dairy posted security camera footage to Facebook on Saturday.

"Have you seen these bandits? Please report them to the authorities if you know them. They stole quite a lot of cigarettes from us this morning, and beat up the owner.

"Thank you everyone for your love and support - we are all okay. The police are working to catch these criminals, but if you have any information, please inform them."

Last year, two men were charged for robbing Garnet Dairy in 2016.