Auckland man on car-smashing rampage throws fridge at police

A man on a window-smashing rampage in Auckland took a violent turn on Tuesday morning.

Police were called to the incident on Dominion Road, just after midnight, following reports of car windows being smashed.

When they arrived, Senior Sergeant Matt Rogers told Newshub they found the man holed up in a nearby apartment, throwing items from the balcony.

"He was throwing fridges and other items down the door at us to start with, and then iron bars and other stuff came through the glass and out on to the street.

"So there was definitely some risk that we or other people would be hurt by flying objects.

"I spent a bit of time talking to him trying to get him out but unfortunately he set the house on fire."

The man was finally arrested on the porch, but the property has been "quite substantially damaged", Snr Sgt Rogers says.

Around six "high-end" cars have been damaged.