Auckland mum claims racism after being stopped getting on bus with pram

An Auckland woman claims she's been racially targeted by a bus driver.
An Auckland woman claims she's been racially targeted by a bus driver. Photo credit: Newshub.

An Auckland mother says she has been targeted by a bus driver who refused to allow her to board several times. 

Bomi Kim, a pregnant West Auckland mum-of-two, told NZME she complained to Pavlovich Transport Solutions after a driver "acted coercively" when she tried to board the bus with her baby in a stroller.

"After that, the same bus driver will not let me take the bus. I am waiting for the answer from the bus company, but the bus driver still does not give me a ride."

Ms Kim, who doesn't drive, says she's had to cancel hospital appointments because the driver wouldn't let her on the bus.

She says on February 24, she was allowed to board, but the driver made her move the stroller to a less safe position on the bus, threatening to call the police if she didn't comply.

She says her children were "terrified", and she was forced to leave one alone in a stroller "alone without mother's hold".

In a video she filmed last week in Westgate, the driver can be seen stopped at a bus stop - but not opening the door for her.

She claims the driver targets Asian people, and told NZME she's witnessed her behaving rudely toward other Asian passengers before.

"If I were a good white English speaker, would the bus driver sit in the driver's seat and open the door, and see me and mock me?"

She has lodged a complaint with Auckland Transport, who told NZME the driver in question is under investigation.