Woman upset at coming across dead father's body in rest home

The daughter of an elderly man allegedly left with maggots in his feet is upset about the length of time his dead body was left in his bed.

On March 7, RadioLIVE's Mark Sainsbury received a call from a woman called Corina, who shared her appalling claims of elderly abuse at Palms Lifecare in Pukekohe, south Auckland.

She said she found faeces scattered throughout her father's room, blood in his eye and maggots in his feet. David Renwick, chairman of Heritage Lifecare, the parent company of Palms Lifecare, told Newshub the allegations were a "huge concern".

But RadioLIVE host Mark Sainsbury told The AM Show on Monday the situation "gets worse".

After her father died at 3:30am last Friday, Mr Renwick says Corina was called to visit him for several hours.

Later that day, Palms Lifecare's management sat down with her to discuss the allegations.

"They had a big showdown on Monday, the big bosses on Friday - the bosses all turned up to talk to her and her family about her dad's care," Sainsbury told host Duncan Garner.

"And it just gets worse. You would have thought these clowns would have learned something from dealing with this.

"But not only have they disrespected her father while he was alive, they've done it when he's dead."

Corina told him she took a break from the meeting and wandered by her father's room.

"What do you think she found? He was still there. He had been lying there all that time," Sainsbury says.

"She's hopping mad, the police are involved now."

Mr Renwick says the man's body was left in the bed as the doctor needed to certify the death and it couldn't be moved until then.

He says if police have visited the rest home staff were not aware of them.