Aussie drinks beer from shark's head in Bay of Plenty

A Melbourne man has posted a video on social media of himself drinking beer from the severed head of a shark he's believed to have caught off Ōhope Beach.

The video, filmed off the coast of the eastern Bay of Plenty town, shows the Aussie bloke's friend pouring the contents of a bottle of beer into the mouth of the shark as he tries to catch the alcohol from the other side.

He fails to get much of the beverage in his own mouth, but wears a smug grin while turning to the camera, as beer and fish juices run down his chin.

The man then turns around and points at the back of his T-shirt, which is emblazoned with the inspiring phrase "blokes advice: catching fish and sinking piss".

Aussie drinks beer from shark's head in Bay of Plenty
Photo credit: Facebook

While it's not clear what the response to the clip has been so far, the incident is similar to others that have attracted plenty of online controversy.

Last year, a US man used a beached shark to open his beer, sparking huge outrage, while a fellow Australian also drew criticism for using a frazzled crab to take the cap off a bottle of VB.