Bay of Plenty community pleads for drug rehab services

  • 28/03/2018
A massive drug raid in the region highlights their plight.
A massive drug raid in the region highlights their plight. Photo credit: Getty

Addiction support services say a major drug bust in the Bay of Plenty highlights the lack of rehab services in the region.

Dozens of people were arrested and massive amounts of meth and cannabis seized in Bay of Plenty on Tuesday.

Addiction support services are now calling for more local drug rehab facilities to alleviate pressure on addict's families.

Brave Heart supports the families of drug users, and its founder Erin Scarlett says rallying around the community makes a massive difference.

"People can meet each other. They can know that they're not alone," she says.

"Most of the families are struggling to get help for the addict. So if there were more services for the addict it follows that the strain would be lessened."

Ms Scarlett says for every addict there are around 10 affected loved ones, and loved ones need help too.

"A lot of our members can't function," she says.

"A lot of them have had to leave their jobs, their businesses are suffering, their own mental health is suffering. They may have to be looking an adult child in their own home."

Ms Scarlett says work is in place to get more local services - but they're needed sooner, rather than later.