California weed nuns want to set up faction in New Zealand

  • 23/03/2018

Sister Kate, a nun from the Sisters of the Valley in California, runs a non-religious sisterhood marijuana operation.

They sell cannabis oil products and ship them around the world, and 58-year-old Sister Kate plans to set up a faction of the sisterhood in New Zealand.

The sisterhood has its origins in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and Sister Kate says the group are "activist sisters" who believe the world has "run amok".

Sister Kate describes herself as a vegan, pot-loving feminist with a white robe, but says she struggles with the vegan part.

The nuns do not belong to any order of the Catholic Church but say they want to live as the Beguines did, who were pre-christian nuns who lived in castles in medieval Europe.

"We believe that if we're going to stop the damage to the planet and the people we have to reach back to ancient ways," she told RadioLIVE.

"We're plant medicine women, it just happens that this is the newest deregulating business on the planet which makes it a great opportunity for women and women-owned businesses."

The sisters grow hemp, a strain of marijuana with very low levels of the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and then create and ship medicinal cannabis products all around the world.

"Cannabis is like honey, local is best," Sister Kate said.

"We don't want our products travelling, we don't want to burn fossil fuels to make our products...we know for sure that our ancient mothers and mother earth are not happy about fossil fuels being burned."

That's why the sisterhood wants to set up a faction in New Zealand, to be able to make their cannabis-based products here.

"Women are going to start making our products in New Zealand, but instead of putting CBD for right now they'll put arnika."

Sister Kate says that for every product that is sold, a postcard will be sent to the Government to let them know that cannabidiol (CBD) should be legalised.