Chozyn Koroheke's killer tells court he doesn't know how gun went off

The man who killed east Auckland woman Chozyn Koroheke has told the court he doesn't know how the shotgun he pointed at her went off.

Ms Koroheke was killed during an argument with her boyfriend Turiarangi Tai in April 2017 when she was shot in the stomach.

A witness to the killing says he hit her in the head with the shotgun and then in the stomach, but on the second hit pulled the trigger and shot her.

On Tuesday Tai told the court he thought he had clicked the safety catch on the gun and did not intend to shoot Ms Koroheke.

He says he was in shock when she was shot and tried to stem the bleeding with his hands and knee.

The court then listened to the 111 from the night of the killing, made by Ms Koroheke's brother Nacyn.

Tai could be heard in the background shouting "stay with me" and "stay awake".

He has pleaded not guilty to murder, the trial is expected to last four weeks.