Chozyn Koroheke's murderer plays up to camera after guilty verdict

Turiarangi Tai played up to the camera just moments after he was found guilty of murder.

The Auckland man killed mother-of-two Chozyn Koroheke in her Pakuranga home in April 2017, shooting her at close range with a shotgun in front of her brother.

Tai claimed the 22-year-old's death was an accident, that he didn't know how to use a firearm and that he thought the safety catch was on.

His defence lawyers argued it was manslaughter, but the Crown said Tai shot her in anger after an argument - and the jury agreed unanimously.

Ms Koroheke's family burst into loud sobs as the guilty verdict was read out in Auckland's High Court on Wednesday.

Her father told Newshub he's grateful to police and prosecution, and he hopes the verdict will bring the family closure. 

Mike Tauiliili, a spokesman for the family, says they'll now concentrate on bringing up Ms Koroheke's children.

"It's been a distressing time for the family, and they're just wanting to continue focusing on the two young children and their needs."

Tai made gang signs into the camera immediately after being found guilty, and as he was escorted from the courtroom. 

A woman on trial for assisting him to avoid arrest was found not guilty.

Tai will be sentenced in June.