Christchurch's Victoria Square reopened

There was another sign of progress in quake-damaged Christchurch today, as the public was allowed back into one of the city's most popular parks. 

The multi-million dollar upgrade of Victoria Square has brought life back to a special piece of history. 

Illuminated at night, the Bowker Fountain was back to its colourful best - the fountain has sat dormant and damaged for seven years.  

Christchurch Businessman Henry Bowker gifted the city money for the fountain in 1921. 

His descendant Jane Stance says it is very special to have the fountain reopen.

"My great great uncle had an office on Colombo Street and had left thousands of pounds for either a statue or a fountain, and luckily they picked a fountain."

It's repair is part of a more than $7 million revamp to the central city square, which in the 19th century was the trading heart of the city, before it was redeveloped as a park to commemorate Queen Victoria in 1896.