Colin Craig to sue again over harassment allegations

Colin Craig to sue again over harassment allegations
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Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has launched new legal proceedings.

He is suing John Stringer, ex-Party board chairman, over allegations that Mr Craig harassed his former press secretary, Rachel MacGregor.

It's not the first time Mr Craig has taken legal action against Mr Stringer. In a press release on Saturday, Mr Stringer said the issues had already been resolved at a settlement conference in 2017.

The case against Mr Stringer is expected to be heard before a Judge in the Christchurch High Court in a few months' time.

Mr Craig has previously taken out defamation cases against Ms MacGregor, blogger Cameron Slater and former employee Jacqueline Stiekema.

Taxpayers' Union founder Jordan Williams successfully won a defamation case against Mr Craig.

Mr Craig attempted to sue Mr Slater for copyright infringement, after the blogger posted the failed politician's poetry on his blog. He lost that case, the judge calling his lawsuit "vexatious" and a "waste of the court's time".

He was ordered to pay Ms MacGregor a six-figure sum in 2016 for publicly humiliating her.