Complaint about 'fat and ugly' man in KFC ad thrown out

An upset viewer has complained to authorities about a KFC ad featuring a "fat and ugly" man that had "no place on television".

The complaint, made to the Advertising Standards Authority, says the advert shows a "shows a sloppy man wandering down a street in a sloppy bath robe eating from a carton".

"He wipes his grubby hands on his sleeve and proceeds to his destination where he disrobes and plunges into a pool, fat and ugly," complainant S Wood wrote.

"Our standards of dress and manners have dropped considerably and I think this advertisement is disgusting [and has] no place for television."

The man about to plunge into the pool all "fat and ugly".
The man about to plunge into the pool all "fat and ugly". Photo credit: YouTube/Restaurant Brands

The ASA differed, saying the advertiser "sought to use light-hearted humour to connect its product with the sense of summer".

"While this was offensive to the Complainant, the Chair confirmed that humour and satire were permissible under the Advertising Codes."

The ASA said despite the complainant's view the protagonist is "fat and ugly", his appearance was "unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence".

The complaint was thrown out.