Cop waiting for weather to pass before Cook Strait swim

Snr Sgt Karley Hunt in the water.
Snr Sgt Karley Hunt in the water. Photo credit: Supplied

A Taranaki police officer who was set to swim Cook Strait is eager to jump back into the water soon.

Snr Sgt Karley Hunt was planning on crossing from north to south on Saturday, but it was called off because of bad weather.

Ms Hunt says it is tough waiting a little longer.

"The hardest part about this right now has been the waiting and the not knowing. You can't control the weather. I've just got to keep my game face on and keep pushing through."

Her second attempt will begin in two weeks and she said she's prepared to make it happen.

"This is bucket-list thing for me. I've wanted to do this since I was a little girl. It's mine, whenever it happens."

The next attempt is pencilled in after a two-week break.