Cyclone Linda: Aussie sending unwanted storm to ruin NZ's weekend

New Zealand faces another wet weekend indoors as Australia sends another unwanted cyclone our way.

Weather Watch warns a small tropical cyclone has formed in the Coral Sea between Australia and New Caledonia. It should be officially named Cyclone Linda later today.

It's expected to lash Brisbane with near gale-force winds and heavy rain on Wednesday, before heading in our direction and hitting the upper North Island.

"By the weekend, a short-lived tropical cyclone east of Brisbane will be drifting towards New Zealand from our north west," Weather Watch warns.

"The remnants of this short-lived storm will drift towards New Zealand around Friday and the weekend in the form of isolated, but heavy downpours, mostly lying north of the country, but may brush the upper North Island."

"Reliable data continues to suggest it won't be a storm and may spend more time north of New Zealand than actually directly affecting us," Weather Watch says.

"Still, it remains one to keep an eye on as we head into this weekend."