Dead cat skin rug for sale on Trade Me

  • 17/03/2018
A dead cat skin rug for sale on Trade Me.
Photo credit: Trade Me / getstuffed1

Warning: This article contains content that may disturb.

An auction of a dead cat rug, complete with its stuffed head, is proving popular on Trade Me and will sell for more than $100.

Trade Me user getstuffed1 says it's the remains of one of his "many" unnamed moggies, who are used to kill rats and mice.

"For those of you that can't afford a lion, tiger, wolf, zebra, bear skin rug, here is the cat skin rug," he writes on the auction.

"Fully mounted head with feet, tail and underside too."

It's not the only dead animal getstuffed1 is auctioning, with a taxidermied possum, rabbit and magpie also for sale.

Perhaps their most unusual auction item is a litter of unborn rabbits preserved in a jar of methylated spirits.

A litter of dead rabbit foetuses in a jar of methylated spirits, for sale on Trade Me.
Photo credit: Trade Me / getstuffed1

"Looking alien-like, these five unborn baby rabbits [are] locked inside their time capsule jar of meths [and] should last for years," writes getstuffed1.

"Cool object for home, office, shop display. Looks great when lit up."

The "taxidermy aliens" auction closes on March 22.

In 2013, Stuff spoke with Tauranga-based taxidermist Andrew Lancaster, who was selling another cat skin rug via the getstuffed1 Trade Me account.

That time he used the remains of a cat he found on the side of the road.

"I usually sort of steer clear of cats and dogs because you get a lot of people who say they're pets and should be left alone and not stuffed," Mr Lancaster told Stuff.

His latest cat skin rug auction closes on March 20.