Other national cricket captains cheat - Mark Richardson

The Australian ball tampering scandal has reached the highest levels, with both New Zealand and Australia's prime ministers vocal in their outrage.

But The AM Show host Mark Richardson says the Aussies are being unfairly singled out.

"Can we just all get over this? Australian cricket, since they began, has been as bad as the rest of the world," he argued.

"There's no such thing as the spirit of the game... it's just something that people make up. The other captains - national captains - have done exactly the same."

"It's a grade two offence! Grade one being the least serious, grade five being the most serious," he says.

But host Duncan Garner disagreed, saying it was against the spirit of the game.

"Yes, it's grade two," he says. 

"But it's also grave too, because it is the captain, the coach allegedly as well and their senior players all coming up with a pre-meditated plan over lunch to cheat, to beat South Africa."

Then the former Black Caps cricketer fired back, telling Garner the tampering wasn't that bad.

"This is what annoys me about Australian cricket. This is all of a sudden, they've committed a grade two offence - something taken not actually that seriously.

"They find you've been ball tampering the answer is take the ball and replace it with another one."