'Flight to the Lights' captures stunning aurora from air

  • 23/03/2018

Viewing the aurora from the sky could become an annual opportunity.

The stunning natural light show is one photographers have been capturing from remote locations for years.

But now it's one being captured from the air. Over 160 people boarded the second-ever 'Flight to the Lights' on Thursday night.

The five-hour chartered flight flew south for a close-up view of the Aurora Australis - and bought back some stunning pictures.

"How often is it that the Milky Way is perfectly framed by two auroral arcs?" wrote Otago Museum director Ian Griffin.

"One of the many many fine sights on last night's #flighttothelights Flight from #NewZealand to the Southern Auroral Oval."

Mr Griffin says it was even more spectacular than the year before.