Golf, a pōwhiri and meeting Māori women leaders, a packed 60 hours for Obama

Barack Obama has opened up on the "experiment" he would like to see -  letting women run the world for two years.

He spent his last hours in Auckland meeting "Wahine Toa" - a network of Māori women leaders.

Mr Obama spent the morning with women like Lynell Huria - a lawyer, Liana Poutu - a Te Atiawa leader and Deidre Otene - from the Moko foundation.

Ms Poutu says "I think there's huge alignment in what the Mr Obama foundation is doing and what we do on the ground with our people".

The network was organised by Nancy Gilbert, a friend of the former president and wife of former American ambassador Mark Gilbert.

She said Mr Obama was impressed with the network. 

"The Wahine Toa were on fire, I could not be any prouder, they were calm, cool, collected they were savvy and smart."

Women were also a key part of Mr Obama's 90 minute conversation on Thursday night when he was a guest at an event at the Auckland Viaduct Centre.

He told the audience : "New Zealand is so advanced now because this is the first place in the world to give women the vote."

"Women should run the world for two years every two years and if women ran the world there would be no conflict."

The former President also revealed he will no longer wear a tie, unless for weddings, funerals or meeting the Queen.

He also said: "The mission to kill Osama Bin Laden was a 55-45 chance when he authorised it".

"China doesn't know how to act as a "Superpower" and there was no mention of President Donald Trump.

Sixty hours in New Zealand saw Mr Obama golf, attend a Pōwhiri, and meet members of the Wahine Toa - and now it is "Obama Out".