Hamilton could ban new pokie machines as policy submissions close

Hamilton City Council is being applauded for its move to rid the area of problem gambling.

Submissions close today on what is being called a "true sinking-lid" policy, banning new pokie machines and stopping existing ones being moved.

Problem Gambling Foundation spokesperson Andree Froude says the council is taking charge.

"The council is absolutely leading the way and we hope other councils will follow suit.

"Pokies are still the most harmful form of gambling. They do cause a lot of harm in our communities, so the sinking-lid policy is the best that we can get.

"In terms of pokie policy it's probably the gold standard."

Andree Froude says gambling addiction will take a hit if this policy goes ahead.

It's hoped the council's proposed policy to place restrictions on pokie machines will set a precedent for other regions.