Indonesian President Joko Widodo arrives in New Zealand

Joko Widodo.
Joko Widodo. Photo credit: Reuters

Indonesia President Joko Widodo arrives in New Zealand on Sunday for his first visit.

He's been attending the ASEAN Special Summit in Australia, and it's hoped his two-day visit will benefit both countries.

Vice-chair of the ASEAN New Zealand Business Council, Lester Khoo, says there is a lot each country can learn from the other.

"New Zealanders nave a real opportunity to engage whether it's in business, education or culture."

Indonesia is New Zealand's closest Asian neighbour.

Mr Khoo says we should be looking to capitalise on the visit.

"Indonesia's very influential. It's important to note it's a part of the G20; it's our closest Asian neighbour; it's going to be the seventh-largest economy in the world."

He says there are a lot more similarities than people realise between Indonesia and New Zealand.