Kiwi launches world's first e-bike on water

If you've ever dreamed about walking on water, Kiwi innovator Guy Howard-Willis has made the next best thing.

"I love cycling and water sports - and I used to think, 'Why can't you simulate cycling, what you do on the land, on water?'"

His creation is called the Manta-5; it uses foiling technology just like those on the America's Cup boats, and works like an e-bike on water.

Mr Howard-Willis says in the beginning he kept the idea quiet, and spent two years mulling it over before putting pen to paper.

"I kept it secret because if it didn't work I didn't have to tell anybody, and I guess people can put you off if they don't understand your vision."

Six years and seven prototypes later, Howard-Willis has finally launched the finished product.

"We claim it goes up to 22 kilometres an hour, and on water that's pretty fast if your pedalling."

He says the bike can be used recreationally, and hopes that maybe one day it could be used competitively.

"This is only the beginning; where it's going to go from here - will it be an Olympic sport? It could be."

He says he's even been asked if it could be used for a daily commute.

"They said, 'Can I go from Devonport to the city?' and I said 'Of course you can'," Mr Howard-Ellis said.

"They said, 'Can I wear my suit and briefcase and not get wet?' and I said, 'Well that depends if it rains!'"

The bike retails for just under $7500, and Mr Howard-Willis says he's even had interest from the crown prince of Dubai.

Mr Howard-Willis says the first 150 bikes will be sold during a roadshow around the country, and from then they'll look at taking it into stores.

So expect to see more of these bikes at lakes and beaches around the world.