Missing Canterbury dog Roger brought home

It has been a whirlwind week for a Canterbury man who went to the ends of the Earth to find his missing "best friend", Roger the chocolate Labrador, whom he since has reunited with.

Russell Waters had gone to great lengths to find his missing pal, handing out flyers, talking to neighbours and even hiring a helicopter to look for him.

On Wednesday he was reunited with Roger after the dog was found a few hundred metres from his West Melton home, on the other side of an irrigation ditch. 

Now Mr Waters has brought Roger home.

"I just couldn't believe he was so close," he says. I just grabbed him and held him and didn't let him go."

Mr Waters says Roger will have to stay in his cage for a few months due to his injuries, including a dislocated hip and ruptured ligament. 

Roger is Mr Waters' best mate, and he was beside himself over the dog's disappearance.

"He's my life. I've got a child and partner and all that, but I can't even mow the lawns without him being there. He follows me everywhere.

"I can rely on him. I come home and he's usually going to be there. He's pleased to see me. He's a good dog."

Mr Waters has been "blown away" by the support from people, even some complete strangers who had offered to look for Roger - some chartering helicopters to find the missing pooch.

"I thought it was my dog, my problem, but it became everyone's problem."