Missing 'O' at Countdown Auckland Airport leaves behind rude word

Countdown Auckland Airport has found itself in a tricky spot, missing the all-important 'O' from the store's signage.

The word it now spells is so rude Newshub can't write it in full.

According to the original photo of the error, the 'O' has been missing for three days with little to indicate it will be repaired soon.

Although the store does not appear to be in too much of a hurry according to The Rock's Morning Rumble team.

They spoke to the store's staff about the missing letter and it was confirmed the manager was aware of the breakage but nobody could say when it will be fixed.

Commenters on Facebook say Auckland Airport isn't the first Countdown to lose its 'O'.

Countdown Northcote and Countdown Invercargill have both suffered the same fate, they say.