'Motherhood is not a job' - Mark Richardson

  • 19/03/2018

The AM Show sports presenter Mark Richardson has ruffled feathers on The AM Show after saying motherhood is not a job.

His co-hosts Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies had been discussing a US study which found the average working mother puts in 98 hours per week when combining paid work and unpaid family duties.

"I was lucky enough to spend time with some kids at the weekend, it's a lot of fun but it's full on," said Gillies.

After Garner referred to domestic duties as an unpaid job, Richardson began his outburst with a caveat.

"I'll make a quick point here, don't crucify me. Frilly undie crowd: put your pad and pens down.

"It is hard work being a mum, but you can't call it a job, it is a fact of life. We raise children on this planet. Don't call it a job."

When Garner and Gillies argued back, Richardson doubled down on his point. 

"I'm not selling you short here, will you shut up and listen to what I'm saying?

"It is hard work, it's a necessity of life, but don't call it a job. It is what we have to do, I respect that it is so goddamn difficult, but I'm sorry I can't call it a job."

According to the study, which followed 2000 mothers with children between 5 and 12, the average working mother's day begins at 6:23am and doesn't end until 8:31pm.

It also found that the working mothers surveyed had just one hour and seven minutes to themselves each day, including time in the bathroom.

A LeanIn.Org report last year found that no matter what career level, women do more unpaid domestic labour than men.