Mysterious pile of cooked spaghetti discovered on top of Wellington's Mt Victoria

  • 02/03/2018
The mystery pasta.
The mystery pasta. Photo credit: Supplied/ Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council is investigating a pile of cooked spaghetti discovered dumped on top of Mt Victoria in the early hours of Friday morning.

The spaghetti was found covering a rock at the mountain's lookout by a group of students out for a morning run, NZME reports.

One of the students, Jack Christopher Anderson, posted a photo of the dumped pasta to the Facebook group Vic Deals.

"Spaghetti man has struck again - a possible new tourist attraction?" he wrote.

A spokesperson for the council told Newshub the pasta was reported at 6:30am on Friday morning.

It was cold when it was discovered, leading the council to believe it had been on the rock for some time, possibly overnight.

It has now been removed.