Pregnant journalist films people refusing to give up seat

  • 29/03/2018

A journalist who is seven months pregnant has documented her frustrations with her morning commute. 

On Wednesday Brigitte Purcell, a former Newshub reporter, videoed her trip to work where not a single person was willing to give up their seat.

"Not even those sitting in the "priority" seating section. Say what?!," Ms Purcell wrote in the New Zealand Herald.

She says the event was not isolated and is a daily occurrence as she travels from Takapuna to Auckland city. 

"This morning, as I sat at the bus stop, I decided to pull out my phone and film the experience - not necessarily to name and shame people who wouldn't stand, but to bring to light how common the issue is."

"What frustrates me most isn't that it's painfully uncomfortable for me to stand. It's the fact that it puts my unborn baby at a greater risk if the bus crashes. Do people not understand this concept or are they just pretending to be naive?" She wrote in the New Zealand Herald.