Release conditions toughened for man charged with murder attempt on his kids

The Parole Board has strengthened the release conditions of a man charged with attempting to murder his three children, following a plea from his former partner.

Faamanu Milford is due to be released later this month, having served his full prison sentence. He was convicted of grievous bodily harm after he attacked his three young children 11 years ago with a machete and a knife.

His former partner is still concerned that he's mentally unstable, and that authorities only have power to impose conditions for six months. She fears he's going to come after her and the children when he's released from prison on March 21.

In an unusual move, she was given the chance to voice her fears at a Parole Board variation hearing on Wednesday to consider his release conditions. 

"I understand they've been strengthened significantly," she told Newshub. 

"Including one which I requested that meant he was only able to stay within a specific zone, and wasn't able to roam freely throughout the South Island."

The Parole Board told Newshub it has amended Milford's conditions, and that in addition to nine standard conditions, "15 special conditions have been imposed - including GPS monitoring and a restriction not to leave the Otago province".

The Parole Board has described Milford's difficulty in hearing voices and limited coping skills.

The sentencing judge was concerned about his lack of remorse or feeling towards his own children, who were just three, 18 months and seven weeks old when they were attacked by their father. 

Milford's former partner says the strengthened conditions of his release have made her feel safer. 

"Which is surprising, because I didn't anticipate feeling as safe as I do now," she explained.

However the Board can only impose conditions for six months. When that time is up, Milford will be a free man.  

"The Parole Board don't have the power, unfortunately, to grant what I requested, which was a compulsory treatment order."

But it has told her it's able to make a direction that Milford's mental health be re-assessed by Community Mental Health.  

She hopes that will result in him being placed in a secure facility.