Shocking moment driver swerves wildly across a main street into Dunedin

A Dunedin driver has captured the shocking moment a car casually weaves across a main street in Dunedin, nearly causing a head-on collision.

Richard Mountain posted the video on Facebook of the car travelling down Warrender St, North Dunedin.

At one point, the car goes around a corner while halfway over the centre line. It narrowly avoids a head-on collision with not one, but two oncoming vehicles. 

"Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed with driving like this. Does anyone recognise the car?" Mr Mountain posted.

The post garnered a raft of angry reactions.

"Omg wtf. Take this to the cops. Now," one commenter said.

"Lucky you got that on your phone bro, someone could of been injured, take to the cops," another said.

Another suggested taking a more punitive approach, "Hope you followed them and took their keys."

"Have you called the police??? That's f**king dangerous, whoever is driving is lucky they didn't injure or kill innocent people!!!"

Police say there has been no complaint lodged for the vehicle and advised anyone that did see dangerous driving to call *555 and report it to police.