Taupo fizzles out in Volcano Cup final, loses to Indonesia's Krakatau

Krakatau. Photo credit: Reuters

Taupo volcano has failed to erupt in the final of the Volcano Cup, coming a close second to Indonesian volcano Krakatau.

Both volcanos beat out several powerful competitors to reach the finals, including Mt St Helens, Vesuvius and Eyjafjallajökull.

The competition was run by volcano scientists, principally New Zealand volcanologist Dr Janine Krippner, on Twitter under the hashtag #VolcanoCup.

Users were asked to vote for their favourite volcano in through several knockout rounds until the ultimate volcano was found.

The final poll result for Taupo vs Krakatua ended with 41 percent for New Zealand's volcano and 59 percent preferring the Indonesian competitor.

Krakatua didn't win any specific prize, with the main goal in the competition being education and awareness.

Many lava-loving spectators were more than happy to share their fun facts about volcanos for the audience to enjoy and to help their favourite gain more votes.

During the competition even Government organisations Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management and Geonet got involved in campaigning for Taupo.

"Today is the final for the #VOLCANOCUP vote Taupo caldera," Auckland CDEM said.

"Krakatau volcano is in the lead, Taupo needs your vote to take out the world #volcanocup," Geonet wrote.

Both organisations have stayed dormant since the final, and are yet to comment.