Taxidermied cat skin rug sells on Trade Me for $520

  • 20/03/2018
The rug.
The rug. Photo credit: TradeMe/getstuffed1

Warning: This article contains content that may disturb.

A taxidermied cat skin rug has sold on Trade Me for $520 after media coverage of the auction brought in hundreds of bids.

On Saturday, the auction for a "Taxidermy Cat Skin Rug" (link) was yet to cross $200, but interest grew after controversy spread online.

It eventually received 152 bids and ended at a price of $520, following a battle between two Trade Me users.

The auction's description said it was 95cm nose-to-tail and 50cm at its widest. The auction claimed the cat had previously been a farm cat belonging to user getstuffed1 before it died and spent a few years in the freezer.

The auction drew dozens of questions from people mocking the idea, or praising what they saw as the user's resourcefulness.

"[Anti-cat campaigner] Gareth Morgan would like a bulk price on these," one user joked.

"Fantastic mate, animal died, no abuse, no cruelty, just a good idea that one else thought of," another said.

But not everyone was fond of the seller's work, with some using the questions section to criticise his so-called art.

"This auction should be withdrawn and everyone complain to TradeMe as cats are domestic pets in New Zealand," one person said.

"You remind me of some kind [of] horror movie with body parts in jars."

Getstuff1's other auctions of a possum, magpie and a rabbit have all finished as well, but a jar filled with unborn rabbits is still for sale, with bidding at $58 at time of writing.