The Project hosts share viewers' stories as Fertility Week ends

  • 02/03/2018

Fertility Week, a series on Three's The Project that focused on people who struggled to have children, came to a close on Friday.

The Project hosts Kanoa Lloyd, Jesse Mulligan and Josh Thomson shared some of the feedback they'd received from viewers this week.

Here are some of the comments viewers sent to the show:

"We get so many questions like you've been married so long why don't you have kids yet? Which are so hard to answer."

"You feel so alone in the not baby-making journey."

"I hate that I feel pain instead of happiness for people at such a beautiful time in their lives."

"I love finding out that people are pregnant but I always think when will I have that?"

"IVF was the hardest, most traumatic experience my body has ever endured, but the heartbreak of the unknown was even worse."

"She was healthy and appeared fine but she just didn't wake up in the morning. The grief is raw, hideous and intense."

"Our twin boys are now three years old we are so grateful that after our painful, long and very expensive battle we hit the jackpot."

"Thanks to adoption we now have four children, it's amazing to think that we were once told we couldn't have anything children."

"I have unconditional love for a child I didn't birth."

"My husband and I lived through six years of infertility, eight miscarriages, one adoption rejection, two intensive rounds of IVF and we finally got our daughter in May last year."

The hosts thanked viewers for all of their correspondence and heartfelt messages.

Watch the video for the full The Project segment.

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