The 'scary' moment a man films Toni Street's kids

The 'scary' moment a man films Toni Street's kids
Photo credit: The Hits

Toni Street has told of how her parents came to the "scary" realisation a man was allegedly filming her two kids at a playground in a Queenstown bar.

Her mother and father were having a drink while watching the kids, Street told her Hits co-stars Sarah Gandy and Sam Wallace, when a group of men in their "mid-40s" approached the two girls.

"Mum looks up... and one of them has his phone out and he is filming my kids."

The broadcaster says her mother's "blood started to boil" when she overheard what the man was saying.

"Juliette goes down the fireman's pole. She's in her short little unicorn dress about to go down the pole.

"As she goes down the pole [the man] says, 'Hang on, wait, three, two, one'.

"She's like, this is not okay on any level."

When Street's parents told the bar staff, she claims they were told not to worry as the men were about to get kicked out for ongoing inappropriate behaviour.

After kicking the men out, the staff told Street's parents the man's excuse for allegedly filming the kids was he was "FaceTiming his wife".

"He said that he didn't save [the video], that it was a FaceTime.

"Why on earth is a man in his mid-40s filming two little girls on a playground? What possible excuse could you have for doing that?

"It just made me shudder. I would have gone and got the kids and said, we're out of here."

Street says she's happy with the way the incident was handled, and is thankful her parents didn't approach the group of men.

"It's scary. I can't believe it happened."

Street is expecting a third child in August via surrogate.

Newshub has contacted the police for comment.