Vicious Argentine ant horde invades Raumati South

Argentine ants attack a native ant.
Argentine ants attack a native ant. Photo credit: Supplied

Raumati South is declaring war after an invasion by vicious Argentine ants.

The aggressive species has swarmed into the Kapiti Coast region, infesting gardens and houses. While they are not poisonous, they do bite people.

"We've had numerous reports of major infestations of Argentinian ants - one of the most invasive ants in the world," Raumati South Resident's Association chair Trevor Daniell told Kapiti Independent News.

"The only way to control this major threat to our lifestyle is to cooperate as a whole community."

Argentine ants are a serious threat to New Zealand's environment. Marching in columns of four or five wide, they outcompete and take over from native ants.

The association has called a public meeting on Sunday to discuss battle strategy against the merciless Argentinian enemy.

"We are asking people to save small lidded containers, such as pill containers from the chemist," Mr Daniell told Kapiti Independent News. "We will need hundreds.

"We are going to organise a workshop to show people how to prepare and turn the containers into ant bait stations."