Video shows schoolgirls dangling legs out of van on 100kph road

  • 30/03/2018

An Auckland woman is horrified after a van overtook her with the door open and girls sat with their legs dangling out the side.

Danielle Silich captured the moment on video as she was travelling on State Highway One about 10km south of Mangamuka, south of Kaitaia on Thursday afternoon. 

She says there was oncoming traffic and the door of the Ritchies Coachline van was open with girls hanging their legs out.

The incident was "so dangerous" and it was "lucky nothing really bad happened," Ms Silich told Newshub.

The van continued to drive in this manner for about 15 minutes before closing the door, only because it started to rain.

"The driver shouldn't have let this happen and the girls should have known better. They're both to blame."

She says she called police before posting the video online.

A police media spokesperson said "We want all road users to remain safe, take care of themselves and their passengers, and to avoid this kind of behaviour.

"This particular case of distracted and unsafe driving is dangerous, and given their responsibility to their passengers, it’s simply unacceptable.

"The driver could be putting not only themselves at risk, but also their passengers, and particular innocent members of our community."

Newshub has contacted Ritchies Coachline for comment.